The ATROX MC was founded in Eckernfoerde in April 1989.

After a few years in Eckernfoerde’s pubs and at all parties, we took our clubhouse in Fresenboje near Ascheffel after a year of renovation.

We are passionate about motorcycling, technical
Interest … screwdriver arts … .Innovation, the personal contact among themselves and with other bikers.
We are not friends or acquaintances, but brothers in the spirit who know each other for a long time, cherish appreciation and build mutual trust.
This is the foundation stone of our Atrox-MC.
Our common goal is to keep the scene colorful and alive to all the other motorcycling clubs … to pursue our hobby with motorcycling, to organize great biker parties and have a lot of fun together … let’s ride on 🙂

We celebrated our 25th club anniversary in July 2014.

We would like to thank all the clubs, friends and guests for the congratulations and gifts!